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Below are the two final essays to be posted on Allegiance and Duty Betrayed. The first one is written by a friend -- screen name 'Euro-American Scum' -- who, over the past four years, has been the most faithful essayist here. He has written about everything from his pilgrimage to Normandy in 2004 to take part in the 60th–year commemoration of the invasion, to his memories of his tour in Vietnam. His dedication to America’s founding principles ... and those who have sacrificed to preserve them over the past 200+ years ... is unequaled. Thank you, E-A-S. It has been a privilege to include your writing here, and it is a privilege to call you my friend.

The second essay is my own farewell. And with it I thank all of the many regular visitors, and those who may have only dropped in occasionally, for coming here. I hope you learned something. I hope a seed or two was planted. But, even if not, I thank you for stopping by ... 25 March, 2010


Kingdoms at War

An article was referenced here in the past week which stunningly portrays the left’s continuing efforts to ban God from the public square, and the public consciousness -- which represents one of the basic goals of those who seek to redefine the America envisioned by our Founders, so as to better equip her to be part of a globalist, borderless ('we are the') world.

It seems that the ‘holiday display’ that has been erected in St. Albans, West Virginia consists of a manger, shepherds, camels, a palm tree, and a star (surely not the Star of Bethlehem … most likely a generic, secular humanist, ‘winter star’).

Visibly absent from the ‘holiday display’ are the Christ child, and Mary and Joseph.

Two of the town’s highest officials explained the absence of the Christ child in very different, but equally ludicrous, ways. The mayor stated that Christ is missing from the manger because ‘It’s not easy to put a light-up representation of a baby in a small manger scene, you know.’

Yeah, we know.

And the parks superintendent stated that Christ is left out of the nativity ‘because of concerns about the separation of church and state.’

The parks superintendent is surely a card-carrying member of the ACLU, or completely ignorant of the content and intent of the First Amendment.

The mayor is a liar, at best.

What do these local policymakers (and other lunatic policymakers all over this country who have chosen to alter nativity scenes) suppose this ‘nativity’ (na.tiv.i.ty – n – the birth of Christ) ‘celebrates’? The eternal sacredness of an arbitrary manger (an animal trough)? The importance of shepherds to modern society? The endurance of the camel? The beauty of the palm tree? The wonder of a single arbitrary star? Even if the lunatic fringe decides to celebrate any of the above, the degree of celebration is a bit over the top, don’t you think? :) (By far the most merchant-profit-lucrative shopping season of the year in celebration of a hump-backed animal that spits and hisses?)

The extremes to which the secular humanists have chosen to go has become almost laughable … if it weren’t for the fact that the one they are deriding and seeking to exile is the one who holds their future … the one who knows tomorrow … the one who lends them breath.

The arrogance.

When confronted with the annual frenzy of self-righteous leftists obsessively determined to take Christ out of Christmas, we would do well to reflect on something else that has been an integral part of the celebration of Christ’s birth, since long before the anti-Christ crusaders crawled out from under their rocks. Its message provides infinite hope.

A brief background:

In the summer of 1741, George Frideric Handel was a deeply discouraged man. He was deeply in debt, suffering from long bouts of insomnia, and racked with debilitating rheumatism.

It was then that the Lord’s hand began to work in Handel’s life – in a way that would both encourage and uplift the composer, and would also use him (as He so often does) as a human conduit for His message of justice, hope, love and redemption, intended for the ears of a hurting world .

Handel received a request to write music for a series of benefit concerts, and, coincidentally, he also received a compilation of Old Testament and New Testament scripture passages. As if directed by the hand of God, the two communications merged to become the divinely-inspired catalyst for the writing of one of the most beloved, most performed, pieces of music in the entire expanse of western music.

A spiritual spark was lit, and fanned into a fire, in the formerly downtrodden man, as he locked himself away, working day and night, and shutting out the physical world so as to better connect with the spiritual.

During his self-imposed time of sequestering, his servants would often hear him sobbing uncontrollably, as the power of God’s words and music flowed from his pen.

In that beautiful, surely pre-ordained manner, Messiah was born.

The music alone speaks to the human heart in inspiring, uplifting ways that mere words cannot.

Yet those who desire to exile Jesus Christ from the hearts and minds of their countrymen would do well to pay heed to the words, even moreso.

Handel chose scriptural passages mostly from the Old Testament (the books of Isaiah, Haggai, Malachi, Lamentations, Zechariah, Psalms, and Job), but also from the New (Matthew, Luke, John, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Hebrews, Revelation).

Below is a portion of His word as it appears in the inspired Messiah, which should cause schemers and deceivers to take note, while bringing hope, joy and peace to believers:

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call his name Immanuel … Isaiah 7:14

For unto Us a Child is born, unto Us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace … Isaiah 9:6

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against His anointed … Psalm 2:1,2

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision … Psalm 2:4

Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; Thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel … Psalm 2:99

God (did) bless George Frideric Handel for responding to Him in submission borne of humility, for bending to His will, and for allowing himself to be used as an instrument of divine instruction.

In spite of wars, rumors of wars, and the power-hunger, deception, and sometimes barbaric nature of men, all of our earthly kingdoms are finite ... in area and time. And those who have made it their calling to banish and deny Him, and to subjugate, either physically or mentally, their fellow man, would do well to listen … and hear.

... of His kingdom there shall be no end ... Luke 1:33


Buster said...

Nicely said Joanie.

stonemason said...

Thanks, Joanie. I didn't know some of the story of the writing of "The Messiah." Now I appreciate it even more.

daveburkett said...

You make a clear connection Joanie. Well done!

(Very interesting about Handel.)

smithy said...

What do these local policymakers (and other lunatic policymakers all over this country who have chosen to alter nativity scenes) suppose this ‘nativity’ (na.tiv.i.ty – n – the birth of Christ) ‘celebrates’? The eternal sacredness of an arbitrary manger (an animal trough)? The importance of shepherds to modern society? The endurance of the camel? The beauty of the palm tree? The wonder of a single arbitrary star? Even if the lunatic fringe decides to celebrate any of the above, the degree of celebration is a bit over the top, don’t you think? :) (By far the most merchant-profit-lucrative shopping season of the year in celebration of a hump-backed animal that spits and hisses?)

Love it! Keep on keepin' on!

Kathymlynczak said...

one of the most beloved, most performed, pieces of music in the entire expanse of western music

One of the reasons it's played so much is that it celebrates both Christmas and Easter (It was actually written in celebration of Easter).

I've probably heard the Hallelujah Chorus a hundred times and I still get chills and tears every time.

Thanks Joanie.

jim said...

St. Albans, WVA is just bowing to political correctness. I'd expect that on the left coast but not from a little town in WVA. I hope the ACLU is happy they've made another conquest.

Good info in the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Dr. Charles Burney, 18th century music historian, Messiah "has fed the hungry and clothed the naked, fostered the orphan, and enriched succeeding managers of Oratories more than any single musical production in this or any other country."

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and great connection of the Handel story.

As for the political correctness in St. Albans, we too have similar problems this side of the Pond.

Birmingham, England's second city, has a Council that refers to "Winterval". No one ever knew this term before 1998.

Now even many of the city's muslim population oppose winterval. They say, that if you are celebrating a religious festival you should at least acknowledge its true meaning.

So Birmingham Council has at least managed to unite some Christians and Muslims in campaigning against it !

This link gives a flavour of the story:


Anonymous said...

Excellently done!

All_good_men said...

Step 1..Destroy religion.
Step 2..Destroy society.
Step 3..Install workers' paradise.

These are the procedures Marx and Engles described to the implementation of a comunist world.

We cannot continue to turn the other cheek. We must fight back with all available means.

3timesalady said...

I didn't know what Handel was going through when he wrote "The Messiah." It sure makes the music more meaningful when you know what brought it about.

joanie-f said...

Thanks, all, for the kind comments. :)

joanie said...

Well said, all_good_men!

joanie said...

'The approach of some is to exclude mention of any specific religious event or celebration in order to avoid offending anyone. The usual result of such a policy ends up offending most of the population.'

The letter added: 'Any repetition of public bodies and local authorities renaming Christmas, so as not to offend other faith communities, will tend, as in the past, to backfire badly on the Muslim community in particular.'

Your article is fascinating, Luis. While we seem to experience the same result 'on this side of the pond,' it appears that the perceived cause is entirely different.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) over here is one of the most powerful social engineering groups in existence, whose main goal is the eradication of any memory of our Christian heritage. And that group, in concert with an out-of-control battery of high-paid lawyers, has developed a stranglehold on ‘the system’ to the degree that people in governmental decision-making positions think twice (at best) before even referencing Christianity.

~ joanie

trustbutverify said...

The arrogance.

Those two words say it all, especially when you compare the jerks in W Va to the story of Handel and his Messiah.

This is a beautiful and well drawn connection between the ridiluous and the subline. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You make an interesting connection between the liberals' attack on Christmas and the writing of The Messiah. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Some people are fighting back:


Lori_Gmeiner said...

During his self-imposed time of sequestering, his servants would often hear him sobbing uncontrollably, as the power of God’s words and music flowed from his pen.

I would think that was very sad, except it really wasn't in this case. He was chosen to do something amazing.

Thank you for all the wonderful information.

thebard said...

Seperation of church and state is a realisty based on constitutional fact. Face facts and stop whining.

d_o'connor said...

Hey bard, show me where you see the words "seperation (you spelled it wrong) of church and state" (or anything even like that) in the Constitution. They ain't there. Your "facts" are fables.

guinevere said...

If I remember right Handel also had a series of strokes along with his rheumatism before he composed the Messiah. This was really a case of "divine intervention" as you portray it. What a beautiful story, with beautiful music as a result.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

sandra said...

ACLU founder Roger Baldwin was a Commie:


Article in Soviet Russia Today, vol. 3 (Sept. 1934), p. 11,, by ACLU founder Roger Baldwin :

I believe in non-violent methods of struggle as most effective in the long run for building up successful working class power. Where they cannot be followed or where they are not even permitted by the ruling class, obviously only violent tactics remain. I champion civil liberty as the best of the non-violent means of building the power on which workers rule must be based. If I aid the reactionaries to get free speech now and then, if I go outside the class struggle to fight against censorship, it is only because those liberties help to create a more hospitable atmosphere for working class liberties. The class struggle is the central conflict of the world; all others are incidental.

Proletarian Liberty in Practice

When that power of the working class is once achieved, as it has been only in the Soviet Union, I am for maintaining it by any means whatever. Dictatorship is the obvious means in a world of enemies at home and abroad. I dislike it in principle as dangerous to its own objects. But the Soviet Union has already created liberties far greater than exist elsewhere in the world. They are liberties that most closely affect the lives of the people — power in the trade unions, in peasant organizations, in the cultural life of nationalities, freedom of women in public and private life, and a tremendous development of education for adults and children. . . .

I saw in the Soviet Union many opponents of the regime. I visited a dozen prisons — the political sections among them. I saw considerable of the work of the OGPU. I heard a good many stories of severity, even of brutality, and many of them from the victims. While I sympathized with personal distress I just could not bring myself to get excited over the suppression of opposition when I stacked it up against what I saw of fresh, vigorous expressions of free living by workers and peasants all over the land. And further, no champion of a socialist society could fail to see that some suppression was necessary to achieve it. It could not all be done by persuasion. . . .

[I]f American champions of civil liberty could all think in terms of economic freedom as the goal of their labors, they too would accept “workers’ democracy” as far superior to what the capitalist world offers to any but a small minority. Yes, and they would accept — regretfully, of course — the necessity of dictatorship while the job of reorganizing society on a socialist basis is being done.

sandra said...



CITGO Beginning to Change Name To PETRO EXPRESS

because Chavez is starting to
feel the loss of revenue from his holdings.








sandra said...

TARGET stores are anti-US Military

Dick Forrey of the Vietnam Veterans Association writes:

"Recently we asked the local TARGET store to be a proud sponsor of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall during our spring recognition event.

We received the following reply from the local TARGET management:

“Veterans do not meet our area of giving. We only donate to the arts, social action
groups, gay & lesbian causes,
and education."

So I'm thinking, if the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and veterans in general, do not meet their donation criteria,then something is really wrong at this TARGET store. We were not asking for thousands of dollars, not even hundreds, just a small sponsorship for a memorial remembrance.

As a follow-up, I E-mailed the TARGET U.S. Corporate Headquarters and their response was the same. That's their national policy.

Then I looked into the company further. They will not allow the Marines to collect for 'Toys for Tots' at any of their stores. And during the recent Iraq deployment, they would not allow families of employees who were called up for active duty to continue their insurance coverage while they were on military service. Then as I dig further,

TARGET is a French-owned corporation .

Now, I'm thinking again. If TARGET cannot support American Veterans, then why should my family and I support their stores by spending our hard earned American doll ars!

And, have their profits sent to France.

Without the American Vets, where would France be today?

"They, most likely would be speaking German and trading in Deutsch Marks"

Dick Forrey
Veterans Helping Veterans

Please send this on to everyone you know to let Target know we dont need them either

Anonymous said...

Re: The Citgo thing---Sh*t by any other name still smells the same. Why isn't the news media making a thing about this name change? The American public needs to know and boycot Petro. The boycot of Citgo is working, so we would transfer it to Petro IF WE KNEW IT WAS THE SAME COMPANY.

daveburkett said...

Damn the media. They're too busy reporting on Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith to bother with anything so trivial as Citgo's name change. And don't think it's an oversight. It's the "do as the Romans do", bread and circuses agenda.

Arlene Albrecht said...

I saw the mayor of St. Albans interviewed on Fox and Friends this morning. He's a Baptist deacon and he made all kinds of excuses for the Jesus-less manger, but it sounds like the outcry has been so loud that they're going to add Jesus back in.

CalBrindisi said...

Veterans do not meet our area of giving. We only donate to the arts, social action
groups, gay & lesbian causes, and education.

Sandra, do you have a link for this? If this is true, I'll not set foot into another Target store. DESPICABLE.

calbrindisi said...


From your link it looks as though you may even be running ahead of us in the politically correct stuff. It's nothing to be proud of when the two leaders of the free world are allowing this garbage to happen.

I checked out your blog. Good stuff! I'm glad some of you are fighting the good fight "across the pond" too. < g >

calbrindisi said...

Forgot to mention.....Good essay Joanie. I like the way you connected the two subjects in a way a lot of us wouldn't have thought to do.

sandra said...

For calbrindisi:


calbrindisi said...

Sandra, I don't get it. In reading the link you provided, the Vietnam Veteran's of America pretty much completely debunks the e-mail that you cite.

They say that Target is generally fair, and generally supportive of veterans, and that the "facts" in your e-mail (such as that Target is French owned) are proved false by the link they provide to the website that determines whether something is true or an "urban legend."

In effect, they say that the allegations you presented are an urban legend and shouldn't be passed around.

Didn't you read what is included in that link?

sandra said...

Yes, I read it, and sent it to you. Congratulations on your ability to read.

I got the original in an email.

When I later investigated it I found the url I sent to you.

sandra said...

Looks like the time has to finish off Israel:

"Baker wants Israel excluded from regional conference "



Baker panel's mention of Palestinian "right of return" raises eyebrows


Jim Baker has a long record as a Jew-Hater.
Hamas Met With a US Democratic Party Delegation


calbrindisi said...

Apologies. I did not understand that you were attempting to let me know that the story was false. No need for sarcasm, my dear.

robmaroni said...

-- which represents one of the basic goals of those who seek to redefine the America envisioned by our Founders, so as to better equip her to be part of a globalist, borderless ('we are the') world.

It's happening all over the country, but I guess the fact that each time it does it still causes an uproar means there's room for hope that the ACLU is going too far.

Sandra, your article about Baldwin is a real eye opener. Nothing surprising, but a shock to see it written down in black and white.

sandra said...

Yes, Rob,

ACLU founder Roger Baldwin poured out the the straight COMMIE line

in the September 1934 Soviet Russia Today

This is the url:


sandra said...

Santorum warns of growing overseas threat

timesleader.com ^ | Thu, Dec. 07, 2006 | Associated Press


WASHINGTON - In a departing speech Wednesday on the Senate floor, Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum warned of the growing threat of what he calls "Islamic fascism."

It was a familiar theme for Santorum, the No. 3 Senate Republican, who lost in the Nov. 7 general election to Democrat Bob Casey. Throughout his campaign, he warned of the escalating threats from countries such as Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.

Santorum, a two-term incumbent, said Wednesday his one regret about not returning for the next Congress is that he won't be able to focus on the issue of energy security.

"It is lunacy, it is suicidal to continue to allow the energy markets at the levels they are now given the fact that a vast majority of those energy dollars are going to people who want to kill us and destroy everything we believe in," Santorum said. "We can no longer play games with our energy security."

Santorum, who has not announced his future plans, said he will continue to work on issues related to Syria and Iran.

"I will do my best after I leave this place to continue to confront these enemies and to give the United States the opportunity to succeed in this war," Santorum said.

Earlier Wednesday, Santorum voted against confirming Robert Gates as defense secretary. Gates, who was confirmed by the Senate, was named by President Bush to replace Donald H. Rumsfeld. Santorum said the U.S. needs to confront Iran rather than "engaging someone who is at war with us. I think he is in error."

As he did in his campaign in a series of speeches throughout Pennsylvania, Santorum referred on Wednesday to what he said were multiple forces trying to undermine the United States as the "gathering storm" - a phrase that is also the title of Churchill's memoir about the causes of World War II.

He said he was advised not to talk about the issue in the campaign, but he felt as a senator it was important to discuss the issues critical at the time. He said he still believes that "Islamic fascism" is the biggest enemy of the time.

He said it's an unpopular battle and U.S. leaders have "not had the courage to stand up and define the enemy as to who they are and study and understand them and explain to the American people who they are."

sandra said...

Terrific cover of NY POST



James Baker and Lee Hamilton in Monkey Suits

Anonymous said...

Very well done!

a california girl said...

"During his self-imposed time of sequestering, his servants would often hear him sobbing uncontrollably, as the power of God’s words and music flowed from his pen.

In that beautiful, surely pre-ordained manner, Messiah was born."

Thanks for making me cry on such a beautiful Saturday morning. {G}

But I'm glad to know how "The Messiah" was born.

fascismisyourwosrtenemy said...


Are you a musician?

stonemason said...

Re: Sandra's posting of Santorum's comments on the Seante floor. THIS is the kind of man we are voting out of office, and replacing with peace-nik, feel-good do-nothings. If we hope to win this "war on terror" that kind of tide had better turn, and quickly.

SidBreem said...

Bravo!!! Well done!!!

sandra said...

Mount Soledad Cross Victory in State CourtThu, Nov 30, 2006


ANN ARBOR, MI – Today, the Fourth District Court of Appeals in California upheld the constitutionality of Proposition A—the hugely successful referendary petition drive that transfers the Mount Soledad memorial property, including the cross, to the federal government for use as a veterans memorial. The Thomas More Law Center represented San Diegans for the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial in this appeal. “San Diegans” is the organization that was responsible for the passage of Proposition A. As a result, the court allowed it to participate in the case as an aggrieved party.

In a special election held in July 2005, Proposition A passed by an overwhelming 76% of the vote.

However, a state superior court judge issued an order halting Proposition A, claiming that this transfer was unconstitutional. The state court challenge was brought on behalf of Philip Paulson, the self-proclaimed atheist who was also seeking to have the cross removed from the public land.

In a lengthy opinion, the court of appeals reversed the superior court judge and held that the transfer of the memorial was in fact constitutional.

Charles LiMandri, the West Coast Regional Director for the Law Center, commented, “We are quite pleased with the court’s decision. It protects the will of the people and their desire to preserve a historical, veterans memorial for future generations.”

For further information on the Mt Soledad Cross controversy you may visit the Thomas More Law Center website at www.thomasmore.org.

The Thomas More Law Center defends and promotes the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life through education, litigation, and related activities. It does not charge for its services. The Law Center is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations, and is recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) organization. You may reach the Thomas More Law Center at (734) 827-2001 or visit our website at www.thomasmore.org.

SharonGold said...

A nice connection made between two things I wouldn't have thought to connect.

Ellwoodlee said...

Thanks for the good article. I have forwarded it to many.

Anonymous said...

I just heard a deatiled story on the news about those airplane Imams and how the whole incident was a set up to be able to sue the airline.

This country is in deep trouble and the Democrats winning the election last month just dug our hole a little deeper.

Thank you for the excellent column. Keep sounding the warnings!

Anonymous said...

Good ideas and good writing. Keep it up!

sandra said...

[ Carter Appointee, Former lawyer for NOW] Federal Judge Says San Francisco's Labeling of Catholics as "Hateful" is Constitutional

LifeSite News ^ | December 13, 2006 | John-Henry Westen


Urges Archbishop of San Francisco and Catholic Charities to defy Church directives on adoptions by homosexuals

SAN FRANCISCO, December 13, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In March of this year the City of San Francisco issued one of the most startling attacks on the Catholic Church coming from a governmental body in the United States in half a century. The governing body of the city of San Francisco - the Board of Supervisors - voted unanimously to approve a resolution blasting the Catholic Church for its opposition to homosexual adoption. That resolution has been deemed "constitutional" by Federal Judge Marily Hall Patel, in a recent ruling which is being appealed by the Thomas More Law Center.

The resolution attacked the teaching of the Catholic Church that homosexual adoption does "violence" to children since they would be placed in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development.

The resolution blasted the teaching as "hateful and discriminatory rhetoric (that) is both insulting and callous, and shows a level of insensitivity and ignorance which has seldom been encountered by this Board of Supervisors.''

District Judge Patel, a Carter appointee and one time counsel for the National Organization for Women (NOW), ruled that the Board resolution which, in addition to condemning Catholic moral teaching on homosexuality, urged the Archbishop of San Francisco and Catholic Charities of San Francisco to defy Church directives, does not violate the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is appealing the federal judge's recent approval of the virulently anti-Catholic resolution.
Robert Muise, the Law Center attorney handling the matter, commented, "Our constitution plainly forbids hostility toward any religion, including the Catholic faith. In total disregard for the Constitution, homosexual activists in positions of authority in San Francisco have abused their authority as government officials and misused the instruments of government to attack the Catholic Church. Their egregious abuse of power now has the backing of a federal judge. This battle, however, is far from over. We are appealing this offensive ruling."

The Law Center filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and two Catholic residents of San Francisco. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will hear the appeal.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel for the Law Center, observed, "This judge totally ignored or attempted to rationalize the evocative rhetoric and venom of the resolution which are sad reminders of Catholic baiting by the Ku Klux Klan."

Continued Thompson, "Federal judges across the country are removing passive religious symbols, such as the crèche and the display of the Ten Commandments, from the public square because these innocent symbols supposedly express an official government endorsement of religion in violation of the Establishment Clause. However, when San Francisco passes an overtly, anti-Catholic resolution expressly attacking Church moral teaching and calling on Church leaders to defy Church teaching as a matter of official government policy, a federal judge gives these anti-Catholic bigots a free pass. Unfortunately, this case amply demonstrates the anti-religious bias that pervades our judicial system."

The Law Center's lawsuit claimed that the City's anti-Catholic resolution violated the First Amendment, which "forbids an official purpose to disapprove of a particular religion, religious beliefs, or of religion in general." The Law Center argued that the "anti-Catholic resolution sends a clear message to Plaintiffs and others who are faithful adherents to the Catholic faith that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community and an accompanying message that those who oppose Catholic religious beliefs, particularly with regard to homosexual unions and adoptions by homosexual partners, are insiders, favored members of the political community."

In her decision upholding the resolution against the Law Center's constitutional challenge, the federal judge defended the City by essentially claiming that the Church invited the attack by publicly expressing its teaching on moral issues. In her written opinion, the judge stated, "The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith provoked this debate, indeed may have invited entanglement, by its [doctrinal] statement. This court does not find that our case law requires political bodies to remain silent in the face of this provocation.