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On 'Leaders', Warriors, and 'Winners'

tri-color cone.jpg

I recently responded to a post on another website in which the poster had stated the following two opinions:

As the weapons systems have become more lethal and more accurate with overwhelming firepower per unit, the ability to cause your enemy to reach the tipping point has become that much easier without huge commitments to troop strength.

The destructive capacity of modern weapons systems serve to act as a multiplier of force or as a force neutralizer. What would an AC130 gunship do to a concentration of 25K troops on the ground? What would an ArcLight cell involving 6 BUFFs do? What would 2 MOABs do?

I felt compelled to respond, as follows:

Yes, we walked into Baghdad in three days, but so what? We are still there! We haven’t won the war, have we?

As the sun rose the next morning, I have walked through the area after a 130 gunship literally shredded everything to smithereens during the night. Yes, they are effective but we still came under gunfire from a few determined VC.

Big BUFF and all the A-10’s in the world will not end wars. Marines on the ground is what convinces the enemy that it is time to surrender. Had we gone into Iraq with ten times the number of Marines and shown that we will kill anything that resists, the war would have been won in a week.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no profit to be made in fighting wars to win them as quickly as possible, so we are still there. And we aren’t going to leave until big business decides that the profits are becoming meager for the effort expended.

Big business doesn’t give a damn who is in the White House or the Congress. We little guys down on the ground are the only ones who do and we will always be the ONLY ones who CARE.

Boeing, American Airlines, IBM, AT&T, Bank of America, you name them, they will make money no matter who is in the White House. The executive managements’ sons and daughters will never be on the ground in front line combat where the shrapnel is spilling blood. No, their sons and daughters will be in the Pentagon helping make decisions so our corporations’ profit sheets will continue to stay in the black.

Draw a cone shaped triangle with the point at the top. Now draw horizontal lines dividing the cone into thirds. Something like the picture above.

Radical left wingers are at the very bottom on the left; radical right wingers are at the very bottom on the right. People that you and I consider to be true patriots are also at the bottom, on both sides. Although, from our perspective, of course, the left is fighting for the wrong goals.

As you climb higher up the center, the cone narrows and the radicals start to fade out and get left behind. When you get to the top of the middle section, patriots have been completely abandoned. So have middle class families.

Enter the top third and now you find elite wealthy business families who are more concerned with profits than party allegiance. Get up to the top quarter and party allegiance has disappeared completely. That’s why you see big businesses making political contributions to both political parties. They don’t care who wins, just so long as they are invited to White House celebration dinners.

They fly the American flag because it's popular and makes good business sense to do so. They build everything necessary to feed the soldiers, fight the wars, heal the wounded and bury the dead because it makes good business sense to do so. As long as the profit sheet is in the black, and those black numbers are getting bigger, they are happy and proud that they are on the winning team.

Yes, that is a simplified exaggeration. There are a few patriots in the top third but they are so few I want to cry. When I think of the men who fought, shed blood and died for our flag I do cry. Money and power means more to the elites than our whole country does.

Our national sovereignty means diddly squat to him and his elite class of friends. Cheap labor is the key for these Quislings to stay in power, that's why their puppet refuses to close the borders.

These bastards want to give it all away in treaties like the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) that is coming up for a vote soon, just to keep their damn numbers in the black. Globalists like Bush make me puke.

Well, I am done rambling and I'm not in the mood to rewrite this.

Have a good one.

by B4Ranch
(contributing Team Member of Allegiance and Duty Betrayed)


marcus aurelius said...

Althought I don't necessarily agree that big business is calling all the shots, the rest of your column is all true, IMO. And the traffic cone description is extremely accurate.

3timesalady said...

Our national sovereignty means diddly squat to him and his elite class of friends. Cheap labor is the key for these Quislings to stay in power, that's why their puppet refuses to close the borders.

You can't see me, but I'm giving you a standing ovation. ;)

john galt said...

Globalists like Bush make me puke.

Ditto here. The successes of the Reagan Revolution have been squandered in 20 short years.

johnsteever said...

I believe all of the wars that we have been involved in have been taken on for just reasons. But they have not always been carried out correctly, and you hit at least part of the nail on the head with you "business interests" theory. Whenever greed enters into war, it perverts the first reason for fighting it and causes more deaths than should occur by war's end.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis.